Monday, April 28, 2008

Bumper Sticker for the Ostrisheep

This bumper sticker comes to us from where else but lefty Santa Cruz County, CA? Well, certainly it is undoubtedly found elsewhere. According to the small print at the bottom, it is provided by, though the web site did not have a section to purchase bumper stickers.

Reflecting the history of the human race, the bumper sticker is more closely correct with “Endless War.” The trouble with those who counsel us to withdraw from war is that they always counsel us to avoid conflict regardless of the consequences. In essence, they give advice to remain as bleating sheep while the enemy saws away at the collective throats of mankind.

Today’s anti-war folks are cut from the same cloth as those in the past who argued against opposing Communism. The latter opposed the efforts of the free world to contain Communist aggression and persecution in SE Asia, the Ukraine, Cuba and Eastern Europe to the tune of millions of deaths. In their time, the U.S. anti-Vietnam war crowd was safe and secure in a country protected by their countrymen and paid no personal price for their actions, which ultimately resulted in the S.E. Asia slaughter. I wonder if their conscious ever bothered them.

Currently, the U.S. anti-war crowd is again secure at no personal cost and safe from the butchers’ actions abroad. That is changing. The radical Islamists have struck the homeland, and they are coming back to do it again and again and again.

Can we call this portion of the sheep population cowards? Perhaps that is a little harsh. But, they don’t possess the spine that it takes to stand-up to aggressors, even philosophically. I suspect that their anti-war passion is driven by the mechanism of denial with an underlying root cause of unrecognized fear of conflict couched in terms of a desire for universal peace. Unfortunately, “Denial has no survival value.”1 It’s as if these sheep are cross-bred with ostriches, and they perpetually have their heads in the sand. Let’s call these people “Ostrisheep.”

People of America, if you let the apologists of violence (Ostrisheep) drive the national foreign policy debate, you and/or your children, grandchildren or friends will suffer the very real personal fate previously visited upon the victims of Communism, Fascism and Radical Islam the world over.

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1. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

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