Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stigmatized and Narcissistic

Dennis Prager, national talk show host, educator, author and lecturer, is a dedicated advocate for the protection of children’s “innocence” in our sexually permissive and exploitive society.

On the Best of Dennis radio show on 3/27/09, David from Sherman Oaks called in and reported that he is a member of a swim club that uses the facilities of a public swimming pool. David stated, “…fathers who don’t wish to leave small children unattended have been bringing them into the locker room including very young daughters…” David opined that the girls were three-four years old, and he stated that he is uncomfortable having to undress in the young girls’ presence. David said that the pool management was not sympathetic to his plight.

David apparently believes that his self-consciousness in front of three-four year old girls trumps the safety of small children, and the fathers should leave the children unattended, or perhaps not frequent public swimming pools.

Dennis Prager strongly agreed with David’s complaint about being exposed nude to the girls. Dennis stated that the innocence of nude young children is between children and does not apply to the presence of a nude adult male.

Dennis recounted that at the age of four he attended a summer camp wherein the boys and girls were together in “total innocence.” But, if a male adult had walked around (nude) “it would have been very upsetting to all of us.”

Dennis reported many years ago that his then approximately ten year old son was once on a Greek beach in the presence of topless women. Dennis stated that his son could not have cared less about the women as he went about his beach play activity. Is Dennis now saying that adult male nudity is inherently more unsettling than adult female nudity?

Dennis also wondered about: what “these fathers think when they bring their kid (to the locker room)?”; “Does your little girl see you naked?”; and “I am sure that these fathers do not walk around naked in front of their little girls so why would they expect other men to walk around naked?” Dennis, are you thinking that these fathers bring their little girls into the locker room and then hide from them when changing and showering?

David’s discomfort with being seen naked by a child is disconcerting because it may signal an adult fixation on the human body as predominantly sexual. David only voiced uncomfortableness when naked in front of little girls. But, that is not the case with many males today, especially the young, who are hiding from other males.

I take my grand children swimming at the YMCA. Recently my seven and eight year old grandsons and I finished swimming, and we took off our swimming suits in a shower room full of males. Most males do that, but that’s changing. Neither of my grandsons had any problem showering or walking around naked in front of others. But, when my eldest grandson was about to get dressed he started to string up a towel to shield his nakedness. I asked him why he was doing so, and he stated that he did not want anyone to see him. I asked him if he was trying to hide because he possessed something that no one else had. He immediately took down the towel and proceeded as if nothing had occurred. My grandson is comfortable being naked while showering, but something about getting dressed caused him to seek cover. Someone is influencing my grandson to be uncomfortable with his body in the context of getting dressed. Fortunately, my question disrupted that context and put him at ease.

The explanation that young males are hiding themselves from other males because there is so much child sexual abuse is unsubstantiated by the facts. These children are expressing a learned adult prejudice which probably expresses itself in subsequent adulthood as narcissism.

I believe Dennis is reacting to his deep attachment to the precepts of modesty as expressed by his understanding of Judaism. I had the same modesty upbringing under Christianity. I grew up in a household of males, and until I was in college I never saw my mother so much as topless, much less naked. I was embarrassed in the third grade when female classmates were ogling a photo of a nude male statue in the dictionary.

At age twelve, I had a paper route and happened upon a nude female about three years of age. My proximity to her resulted in the police paying a visit to my home that evening. I was embarrassed, humiliated and scared simply because I was curious and had never seen a naked female.

As a teenager and a sexual late bloomer, I had virtually no concept about the female anatomy beyond a gross generalization. On a beach I observed two teenagers and the boy had his hands down the front of the girl’s bikini bottom. He was rubbing his hand forward and backward, and I thought him foolish because his actions could not have accomplished anything for her satisfaction. I had not yet learned anything about the clitoris.

Certainly there is much to admire from the wisdom of religion. But, sometimes ancient wisdom can become a stifling yoke of subjugation and ignorance.

From “YMCA Doesn’t Stand for Christian or Male Anymore and You Can’t Go Nude.”

“A child is born into this world without self-consciousness, and he must be
taught to be ashamed of his nude body. That’s an unhealthy religious/cultural consequence of immense impact. It is the melding of nudity and sex as the former is stigmatized by the “sinfulness” of the latter.”

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

SheepDogs Are Not Enough

A black parolee murdered four Oakland, CA, police officers. Slain were the SheepDog protectors of society.

The race of the perpetrator is important here because the framework of race has everything to do with the environment in which this scumbag robbed, raped and murdered. Nevertheless, the environment within which he grew up is no excuse for his behavior, and it is fortunate for society that he also died there.

Mixon, who was released from prison late last year after serving a sentence for violating his parole for a San Francisco-related robbery shooting, was a suspect in the Dec. 30, 2007, murder of Ramon Stevens, 42, but witnesses did not come forward, investigators said. And now police have confirmed that DNA evidence from a state laboratory possibly links Mixon to the rape of a 12-year-old girl in February near the 74th Avenue apartment,… 1

Reaction to the events within the community is varied. One news piece reported,

As Oakland struggled for answers Sunday in the somber aftermath of its deadliest police shooting, the family of the parolee who killed three officers and left another brain-dead, before being gunned down himself, could offer one. 2
One woman said that neighbors were slow to give police information.

She said neighbors knew immediately where Mixon had run, but they didn't tell police — who combed the neighborhood — until nearly an hour later. But in East Oakland, lamented the woman, Elaine, who didn't give her last name, that cooperation doesn't easily happen. 2

"It makes you feel bad," she said, wiping her eyes steps from blood spatters that clung stubbornly to a broken sidewalk on 74th Avenue. "But you just don't want to be a snitch. The word, 'snitch,' it's almost worse than murderer." 2

Interviewed on this incident, which came on the heels of the shooting of a black man, Oscar Grant, by a white BART police officer, an Oakland resident was quoted.

"All we want is respect," said Everstine Martin, whose husband is pastor at Prayer Mission Pentecostal Church on MacArthur Boulevard, and says she has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years. "I see police harassing people for no reason. Everyday, they are in this neighborhood casing the area. Do I think this is about Oscar Grant? No. But I would like to see more respect on both sides." 2

It is not hard to understand the mentality and words of the murderer’s family, neighbors and a religious representative. These people live in an urban war zone, and they express the realities of their existence. They are simultaneously victimized by and relate to on some level with their own victimizers.

Historical slavery and systematic cultural/governmental racism supported by law enforcement set the stage for a black suspicion that continues to exist to this day. A poisonous environment exists, in part, due to the destruction of the nuclear family through the implementation of standard liberal social policies of victimization and entitlement.

Prominent liberal whites and blacks don’t live in the blighted communities, and their children do not go to the dangerous schools. The white liberals bask in their “white guilt,” and black liberals manipulate that guilt to politically push a social policy which feeds the cancer enveloping black lower socioeconomic communities.

Through the ghetto cultural prism, it is no wonder that Everstine Martin sees law enforcement demons wherever she looks. Mrs. Martin fails to acknowledge that police activity occurs in her community precisely because members of her own community are rotten to the core, and they have the propensity to prey upon the very same community.

Four police officers are dead and four families are destroyed because of a human predator, a Wolf, the victimizer of SheepDogs and Sheep within his own community. Emotionally, I sometimes think thoughts such as abandon the ghetto communities populated by people who don’t want to “snitch.” Abandon the ghetto communities with people who just want “respect,” without extending a modicum of effort to earn it.

But, there are major intellectual problems with my emotional dark thoughts. There is no way to abandon the ghettos or to isolate them away from the rest of society. The residents of the black ghetto community are the daily targets of their own predatory people, who beat, rob, murder and rape with impunity. The community is caught in a downward spiral of social disintegration driven by drugs, crime and poverty. Accompanying the social disintegration is the degeneration of positive values. That’s why snitching is “…almost worse than murderer."

Despite the environment in which they live, most of the black ghetto community is not populated with criminals. The residents are the living result of a broken liberal social system inaugurated by Pres. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” fresh on the heels of the truly “great” social advancements of the National Voting Rights Act and the forced school desegregation.

Fortunately for the black ghetto community, there are SheepDogs willing to risk their lives for people of whom they have never met. Sometimes the SheepDogs do lose their lives, and we cry. We cry for Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Erv Romans and Sgt. Dan Sakai.

I welcome the death, by a hail of police bullets, of the degenerate excuse of a human who caused so much misery to both citizens and law enforcement. His death won’t alleviate the misery of: a young raped girl; a robbery victim; the assault victim; or the families of the murdered. But, it did remove from society a small part of the cancer.

Uu-ah My Brother SheepDogs! Hunt the Wolf! And, God help you good citizens of the ghettos because SheepDogs are not enough.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brother SheepDogs Pay the Price, Again

Three Oakland, CA, police officers were slain and one gravely wounded yesterday.

Every SheepDog knows and accepts that he can suffer a like fate. Nevertheless, the news is numbing.

Three Oakland police officers and a suspect are dead, and another officer is in grave condition, after two related shootings on Saturday, the first after a traffic stop and the second after a massive manhunt ended in gunfire, police said.

The slain officers were identified as Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, who was killed at the first shooting. The two members of the SWAT team who were killed at the second location were Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35. Officer John Hege, 41, is in grave condition.

Brother SheepDogs, you hunted the Wolf and paid the Warrior’s price.

Uu-ah Brothers Mark Dunakin, Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai! May you rest in peace.

Uu-ah Brother John Hege! May you heal and return to the good fight with your Brothers-in-Arms.

UPDATE 3/22/09 1952 hours: Officer John Hege has been declared brain dead.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Delusional Am I?

After 30 years in law enforcement, you’d think that I would have no faith in mankind when it comes to issues of decency and critical thinking skills. But, I actually do have faith because I have seen the heart of the SheepDog. That does not mean that I am oblivious to the abundant evidence to the contrary.

What evidence might you ask? Well, take the election of President Obama. There is an excellent example of the lack of critical thinking skills. To all who voted for President Obama, give out a great big “baaaaa, baaaaa.”

As for indecency and a lack of critical thinking skills, here’s a good example. South African males are raping lesbians to “cure” them from being lesbian. Damn decent of those males, don’t you think?

Lesbians living in South Africa are being raped by men who believe it will 'cure' them of their sexual orientation…

Women are reporting a rising tide of brutal homophobic attacks and murders and the widespread use of 'corrective' rape as a form of punishment.

Take that baby, it is for your own good!

Apparently, the South African authorities are not taking the attacks seriously.

The report, commissioned by international NGO ActionAid, called for South Africa's criminal justice system to recognise the rapes as hate crimes as police are reportedly failing to take action over the spiralling violence.

What does that tell you about the core values of a country?

Alas, there is no end to the idiocy and depravity of the human animal.

Faith in mankind? Perhaps I am delusional.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Eighty Nine and Counting, SheepDog Call to Arms

En route to breakfast, I spotted it standing by itself on the curb. Splendid in its coat of yellow, it stood as a sentinel reminding all who would take notice that there are firemen waiting to rush to our assistance should a fire threaten all that is dear to us. How come fire hydrants are not painted red anymore? Maybe that went out of style along with red fire engines.

Are you wondering why on earth I am writing about fire hydrants? It’s Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s fault. You see, I attended one of the LtC’s presentations the other day, and he made a big point about how firemen are always prepared with the tools of their trade. No one ever bad mouths a fireman for having a fire extinguisher or an ax readily at hand.

Some people raise their eyebrows at the prospect of police officers carrying concealed firearms while off-duty. Well, maybe not quite as many of us carry concealed as we should. That was precisely the LtC’s point. He suggested that SheepDogs think about our rights and responsibilities to be armed off-duty. LtC suggested that every time that a SheepDog sees a fire hydrant he should be reminded that if he is unarmed he is unprepared and he might just as well say “Baaaa.”

It’s bad form that many SheepDogs don’t keep the tools of their trade readily at hand, but it is immoral that American leftists are determined to nullify and restrict the Constitutional right to gun ownership. Leftists don’t want the public to have firearms to protect themselves. And, tyrannies never allow their citizens to own guns. There is no deniability of either fact. Is it a coincidence? As the LtC is fond of stating, “Denial has no survival value.”

On the less than 10 mile drive to breakfast, I saw 89 fire hydrants. The fire people are prepared for their job. Come on SheepDogs, let’s each be sure that we are prepared mentally and have at hand the right equipment if we are called upon to defend against the Wolf sinking his fangs into our world. You can’t successfully run toward the gunfire if you are not prepared to take action. And, if you are not running forward, you forfeit the title of SheepDog and become a Sheep.

As I counted fire hydrants, I was prepared with a firearm and a mission go-bag.

Uu-ah LtC! Keep the faith, and preach the word.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Messiah Needs the TelePrompter Crutch

Anyone who routinely lectures can appreciate the problems public speaking can cause the President. It is one thing to make repetitive talks and quite another when each speech is unique in and of itself.

At one point in my career, I gave repetitive presentations to public groups on the same general subject matter. The repetitiveness gave me the opportunity to see what worked with the crowd and what did not. I had the opportunity to hone the speech over time and each lecture became nearly extemporaneous.

There is great potential power in an extemporaneous speech because it can portray passion and personal sincerity far better than reading prepared remarks. There is also great risk if you misspeak.

For the President, every utterance in a speech will be dissected and discussed ad infinitum with serious consequences both pro and con.

President George W. Bush was continually bashed and mocked for his public presentations, and yet you knew that he was sincere. You knew it because it was obvious that he often spoke from the heart.

When the Messiah, excuse me Barack Obama, came on the national scene he was touted as a great orator. No he was not, and President Obama is not a great orator. The great orator claim is another mainstream media lie. President Obama is a great reader of a written speech, and he needs a teleprompter to adequately read the prepared words.

President Obama knows his public speech handicap, and he hauls around a teleprompter for even the shortest of presentations. My pre-Presidential election piece “Obama is Inarticulate When Not Scripted,” has a video of the tongue-tied, bumbling Obama when his teleprompter malfunctions. Now the mainstream media is beginning to comment on his continual use of the teleprompter. See the link listed below.

The public has no way of knowing what is in the heart of President Obama when he gives a speech. Every word is crafted by a speech writer and tailored for political purposes.

For the mainstream media to even mention the teleprompter issue is a sign that the honeymoon glow is already fading from the Barack Obama presidency.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey Doc, Your License Says MD Not GOD

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Hillary Clinton made a fiasco of her attempt to institute a national health care system. Detractors pointed out that national health systems do not deliver the healthcare excellence that they purport to do and fall far short of private medical health care systems. Pres. Obama is about to launch his own national healthcare system and there is no reason to suppose that it will be any better than the British National Healthcare System. Here’s a 2006 report about British doctors rationing health care and hastening the deaths for people deemed unworthy of receiving care.

New figures reveal that 3,000 patients were helped to die by doctors breaking the law in the UK last year, and 192,000 people had their deaths accelerated by medics. Midland doctor RITA PAL accuses medics of playing God with people's lives. 1

…idealistic values have little place in today's NHS. Hospitals are so under-staffed and under-funded that they become treatment factories condoning a 'survival of the fittest' policy. 1

The elderly, disabled, confused - those who are least able to form a rapport with doctors - become an intolerable burden on an over-stretched health system.1

Before long, a consultant will make the decision to withdraw treatment in their 'best interests'.1

The decision is actually based on an assessment of the patient's quality of life versus the potential resource consumption. Unfortunately, the assessment is rarely either detailed or objective. 1

Doctors are so busy and tired that they make subjective decisions nfluenced
by their own culture, upbringing and opinions.1

If the patient's condition does not permit a quality of life that the doctor would personally find acceptable, it is assumed that the life is not worth living and treatment is withdrawn.1
These decisions are often unknown to relatives. 1
I hear the justification of 'best interests' echoed through every NHS ward. I often turn away and wonder how death could possibly be considered in the patient's 'best interest'.1

The foregoing article articulates serious shortcomings in socialized medicine. I had some of the same observations and suspicions during a recent experience in a Southern California hospital where my 92 year old aunt was being treated. I wrote about the experience, and the piece is entitled, “How Shall My Aunt Die?”

My aunt’s attending hospital doctor appears to be Persian. Could he be injecting Middle Eastern cultural bias into his medical judgment? If it had been my uncle in similar circumstances, would the doctor recommend the same course of action?

Then again, maybe the doctor got his medical training in the U.K. and he was simply expressing the national healthcare model and my aunt was the unfortunate victim of “benevolent” socialized medical thinking.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Shall My Aunt Die?

The corollary to the question posed in the title of this blog is, “What Part Do I Play in Her Death?”

My aunt is 92 years old and has Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) of which she is never going to recover. Since oncological remedies are rigorous beyond what my aunt wishes to endure, she elected to live out her days with few medical innervations and spend her last days as comfortable as possible. To date, that includes a monthly blood transfusion, which is time consuming but not particularly an onerous procedure.

My aunt is a resilient woman. She was once on Hospice in northern California for her MDS condition, but recovered to such an extent that she was taken off Hospice. She again lived on her own doing everything for herself save driving. As bad luck would have it: she had a fall and injured an arm; ended up in the hospital; and subsequently spent a week or so in a rehab center. The hospital/rehab stint resulted in her deteriorating to the status of a bedridden invalid failing rapidly. The rehab center said that they could do nothing further and discharged her.

My aunt was in such a bad state that she was unable to be transported via a passenger car, and I had her transported 300 miles in an ambulance to my residence. By the time my aunt reached my house, she had dramatically improved. It is amazing what the mind can do when the person feels connected to caring family and not left in the charge of outside facility caregivers. Since her arrival five months ago, she has recovered much of her lost ground.

Now my aunt is enduring a hospital stint for a bout of pneumonia. The hospital admitting doctor took me aside and stridently argued for my aunt to again become a Hospice patient. His point was that she is never going to get better due to the MDS, and with the start of dementia, she is going to become a revolving door with pneumonia and other unspecified problems. He stated that he would not write an order for her to receive a blood transfusion.

I’ve got some problems with the doctor’s bleak assessment and his pushing of Hospice. Yes, he is correct in a long-term prognosis, but it is not, in my estimation, my aunt’s reality today. Her beginning dementia is greatly reduced with medication, and it is not possible to know her future mental condition. Today, she is mostly alert, lucid, cognizant as to time, date and place, and engages intelligently in conversation. Yes, she will brush her teeth and then forget that she has done so and brushes her teeth a second time. Most importantly, my aunt wishes to continue receiving her monthly blood transfusions. If my aunt is admitted to Hospice, the transfusions will cease. She must receive a transfusion soon or within a couple of weeks her hemoglobin count will drop into the “6” level, and she will be dead.

As I sit here by her hospital bed, the charge nurse advised me that a Hospice representative will be here in a few minutes to consult with us. Guess what? We are not going to be stampeded into Hospice on the word of one doctor, who has spent a total of 10 minutes with her over the duration of 24 hours.

I am my aunt’s legal/medical advocate. That means that I stand between her and a medical system that does not necessarily operate in her best interest. There are still medical procedures which are agreeable to my aunt and fit within her definition of an acceptable quality of life. My agreeing to Hospice would be a virtual signing of her death certificate. This is not the time, and Hospice is not happening now.

What happens to individuals who do not have an advocate to question, challenge and nullify a physician’s assertion?

Update 3/2/09: Hey Doc Your License Says MD Not GOD