Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Messiah Needs the TelePrompter Crutch

Anyone who routinely lectures can appreciate the problems public speaking can cause the President. It is one thing to make repetitive talks and quite another when each speech is unique in and of itself.

At one point in my career, I gave repetitive presentations to public groups on the same general subject matter. The repetitiveness gave me the opportunity to see what worked with the crowd and what did not. I had the opportunity to hone the speech over time and each lecture became nearly extemporaneous.

There is great potential power in an extemporaneous speech because it can portray passion and personal sincerity far better than reading prepared remarks. There is also great risk if you misspeak.

For the President, every utterance in a speech will be dissected and discussed ad infinitum with serious consequences both pro and con.

President George W. Bush was continually bashed and mocked for his public presentations, and yet you knew that he was sincere. You knew it because it was obvious that he often spoke from the heart.

When the Messiah, excuse me Barack Obama, came on the national scene he was touted as a great orator. No he was not, and President Obama is not a great orator. The great orator claim is another mainstream media lie. President Obama is a great reader of a written speech, and he needs a teleprompter to adequately read the prepared words.

President Obama knows his public speech handicap, and he hauls around a teleprompter for even the shortest of presentations. My pre-Presidential election piece “Obama is Inarticulate When Not Scripted,” has a video of the tongue-tied, bumbling Obama when his teleprompter malfunctions. Now the mainstream media is beginning to comment on his continual use of the teleprompter. See the link listed below.

The public has no way of knowing what is in the heart of President Obama when he gives a speech. Every word is crafted by a speech writer and tailored for political purposes.

For the mainstream media to even mention the teleprompter issue is a sign that the honeymoon glow is already fading from the Barack Obama presidency.

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