Thursday, March 26, 2009

SheepDogs Are Not Enough

A black parolee murdered four Oakland, CA, police officers. Slain were the SheepDog protectors of society.

The race of the perpetrator is important here because the framework of race has everything to do with the environment in which this scumbag robbed, raped and murdered. Nevertheless, the environment within which he grew up is no excuse for his behavior, and it is fortunate for society that he also died there.

Mixon, who was released from prison late last year after serving a sentence for violating his parole for a San Francisco-related robbery shooting, was a suspect in the Dec. 30, 2007, murder of Ramon Stevens, 42, but witnesses did not come forward, investigators said. And now police have confirmed that DNA evidence from a state laboratory possibly links Mixon to the rape of a 12-year-old girl in February near the 74th Avenue apartment,… 1

Reaction to the events within the community is varied. One news piece reported,

As Oakland struggled for answers Sunday in the somber aftermath of its deadliest police shooting, the family of the parolee who killed three officers and left another brain-dead, before being gunned down himself, could offer one. 2
One woman said that neighbors were slow to give police information.

She said neighbors knew immediately where Mixon had run, but they didn't tell police — who combed the neighborhood — until nearly an hour later. But in East Oakland, lamented the woman, Elaine, who didn't give her last name, that cooperation doesn't easily happen. 2

"It makes you feel bad," she said, wiping her eyes steps from blood spatters that clung stubbornly to a broken sidewalk on 74th Avenue. "But you just don't want to be a snitch. The word, 'snitch,' it's almost worse than murderer." 2

Interviewed on this incident, which came on the heels of the shooting of a black man, Oscar Grant, by a white BART police officer, an Oakland resident was quoted.

"All we want is respect," said Everstine Martin, whose husband is pastor at Prayer Mission Pentecostal Church on MacArthur Boulevard, and says she has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years. "I see police harassing people for no reason. Everyday, they are in this neighborhood casing the area. Do I think this is about Oscar Grant? No. But I would like to see more respect on both sides." 2

It is not hard to understand the mentality and words of the murderer’s family, neighbors and a religious representative. These people live in an urban war zone, and they express the realities of their existence. They are simultaneously victimized by and relate to on some level with their own victimizers.

Historical slavery and systematic cultural/governmental racism supported by law enforcement set the stage for a black suspicion that continues to exist to this day. A poisonous environment exists, in part, due to the destruction of the nuclear family through the implementation of standard liberal social policies of victimization and entitlement.

Prominent liberal whites and blacks don’t live in the blighted communities, and their children do not go to the dangerous schools. The white liberals bask in their “white guilt,” and black liberals manipulate that guilt to politically push a social policy which feeds the cancer enveloping black lower socioeconomic communities.

Through the ghetto cultural prism, it is no wonder that Everstine Martin sees law enforcement demons wherever she looks. Mrs. Martin fails to acknowledge that police activity occurs in her community precisely because members of her own community are rotten to the core, and they have the propensity to prey upon the very same community.

Four police officers are dead and four families are destroyed because of a human predator, a Wolf, the victimizer of SheepDogs and Sheep within his own community. Emotionally, I sometimes think thoughts such as abandon the ghetto communities populated by people who don’t want to “snitch.” Abandon the ghetto communities with people who just want “respect,” without extending a modicum of effort to earn it.

But, there are major intellectual problems with my emotional dark thoughts. There is no way to abandon the ghettos or to isolate them away from the rest of society. The residents of the black ghetto community are the daily targets of their own predatory people, who beat, rob, murder and rape with impunity. The community is caught in a downward spiral of social disintegration driven by drugs, crime and poverty. Accompanying the social disintegration is the degeneration of positive values. That’s why snitching is “…almost worse than murderer."

Despite the environment in which they live, most of the black ghetto community is not populated with criminals. The residents are the living result of a broken liberal social system inaugurated by Pres. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” fresh on the heels of the truly “great” social advancements of the National Voting Rights Act and the forced school desegregation.

Fortunately for the black ghetto community, there are SheepDogs willing to risk their lives for people of whom they have never met. Sometimes the SheepDogs do lose their lives, and we cry. We cry for Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt. Erv Romans and Sgt. Dan Sakai.

I welcome the death, by a hail of police bullets, of the degenerate excuse of a human who caused so much misery to both citizens and law enforcement. His death won’t alleviate the misery of: a young raped girl; a robbery victim; the assault victim; or the families of the murdered. But, it did remove from society a small part of the cancer.

Uu-ah My Brother SheepDogs! Hunt the Wolf! And, God help you good citizens of the ghettos because SheepDogs are not enough.

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Sabra said...

Pretty difficult to feel any sort of compassion for Mixon. That he was “lost” after spending part of his life behind bars was his own damn fault. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Calling B.S. on Mixon’s wife’s reaction, that he was “trying to make himself a better person.” Didn’t he recently rape a 12-year-old? How is that making him a better person. That is utter complete “F A I L” in trying to make himself a better person.

The anger and frustration and tension in the neighborhood? Quit raising criminal thugs and perhaps your neighborhoods wouldn’t have the anger, frustration and tension. I want to see Mixon’s sister held as an accomplice for aiding and abetting. She didn’t know he was in the apartment? Gimme a break. Did she not let him in? And if she didn’t, and he had a key, she is still partly responsible for him having a closet to hideout in. No. Not buying that she didn’t know he was there. Want to see the neighbors that knew where the yellow-bellied-coward ran to hide be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as well. No mercy.

And as for Everstine Martin? You have to give respect to get respect. There are always going to be a few bad apples in the barrel [a couple of police officers that may be harassing people], but I find it hard to believe that most law enforcement officials are harassing ANYONE without GOOD reason.

We are all better off without that POS Mixon taking up space and breathing air. If the police could just take care of handfuls more...

Michael Savage had a great last paragraph on this. It is posted at my blog with a link to his article.