Monday, March 9, 2009

Eighty Nine and Counting, SheepDog Call to Arms

En route to breakfast, I spotted it standing by itself on the curb. Splendid in its coat of yellow, it stood as a sentinel reminding all who would take notice that there are firemen waiting to rush to our assistance should a fire threaten all that is dear to us. How come fire hydrants are not painted red anymore? Maybe that went out of style along with red fire engines.

Are you wondering why on earth I am writing about fire hydrants? It’s Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s fault. You see, I attended one of the LtC’s presentations the other day, and he made a big point about how firemen are always prepared with the tools of their trade. No one ever bad mouths a fireman for having a fire extinguisher or an ax readily at hand.

Some people raise their eyebrows at the prospect of police officers carrying concealed firearms while off-duty. Well, maybe not quite as many of us carry concealed as we should. That was precisely the LtC’s point. He suggested that SheepDogs think about our rights and responsibilities to be armed off-duty. LtC suggested that every time that a SheepDog sees a fire hydrant he should be reminded that if he is unarmed he is unprepared and he might just as well say “Baaaa.”

It’s bad form that many SheepDogs don’t keep the tools of their trade readily at hand, but it is immoral that American leftists are determined to nullify and restrict the Constitutional right to gun ownership. Leftists don’t want the public to have firearms to protect themselves. And, tyrannies never allow their citizens to own guns. There is no deniability of either fact. Is it a coincidence? As the LtC is fond of stating, “Denial has no survival value.”

On the less than 10 mile drive to breakfast, I saw 89 fire hydrants. The fire people are prepared for their job. Come on SheepDogs, let’s each be sure that we are prepared mentally and have at hand the right equipment if we are called upon to defend against the Wolf sinking his fangs into our world. You can’t successfully run toward the gunfire if you are not prepared to take action. And, if you are not running forward, you forfeit the title of SheepDog and become a Sheep.

As I counted fire hydrants, I was prepared with a firearm and a mission go-bag.

Uu-ah LtC! Keep the faith, and preach the word.

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