Friday, August 15, 2008

I’ve Had It With the Sound Bite Idiots

Most people are Sheep; Decent people in a state of denial and dependent upon Sheep Dogs to make the personal sacrifices required to repel the Sheep slaughtering Wolves. Sheep come dressed as conservative, liberal and everything in-between. Unfortunately, there are not enough Sheep Dogs to control the electoral process, and as such the country is dependent upon the Sheep People to be adequately educated and wise enough to elect competent and responsive representatives.

I classify myself as a realist with an optimistic overlay. Unfortunately, the overlay is becoming pessimistic. Why, you might ask? Quite simply, I am disillusioned by the lack of sophisticated knowledge on the part of a goodly percentage of my fellow Americans.

Many people are sound bite stupid and have lost, or never had, the ability to think critically. They don’t possess the gumption to educate themselves, even if they are college educated. And, these people vote. The most alarming among these people are those who ascribe to a “liberal” agenda, which has become strikingly leftist for the Democratic Party leadership. You’d be hard pressed to pick a more leftist representative than Barrack Obama.

So what’s wrong with a leftist agenda? Nothing, if you long to mimic Europe both socially and politically. Nothing, if you fancy massive redistribution of income through the confiscatory tax policies of the Democratic Party. Nothing, if you like the courts legislating from the bench and nullifying both the will of the people and the work of the legislatures. Nothing, if you hope to de-industrialize the U.S. Nothing, if you value equality of results over equality of opportunity and liberty. Nothing, if you are willing to allow the destruction of traditional American values. Nothing, if you assume that minorities require special treatment, which is institutionalized racism. Nothing, if you encourage increased governmental power over the individual. Nothing, if you like the timidity of a foreign policy which turns its back when bully countries trample their neighbors. Nothing, if you support a spineless domestic/foreign policy which invites those who seek to subjugate us with theocracy.

I want nothing to do with a liberal agenda. No, let’s call it what it really is, leftist. Must I point out that leftist socialism is the root of Communism? Probably! The political preferences of many Americans indicate that they don’t get it. Or worse yet, maybe they do and their spines are jelly.

Being a grandparent is both the best and the worst. I’m anguished that we have not prepared a healthy world for our little ones. The babies are supposed to spend a few formative years in innocence. Tell that to the children in Georgia who are being crushed by the treads of the Russian military machine. Tell that to the deliberately slaughtered children of Afghanistan, Iraq and the Sudan. Tell that to the Chinese babies who are conscripted into the athletic development machine for the glory of a police state. Tell that to the children who are sold into slavery. Tell that to the children slaughtered and maimed by Islamo-fascist Chechnyan nationalists at the Beslan school massacre. Think that sort of thing can never happen in the U.S.?

The world is cruel with inconsistent kindness. Those who believe better of humankind won’t think so when the tank tread rolls over their neighbor or when he is lying beheaded in the street after having his throat slit by an Islamic scimitar. Come to think of it, it’s already happening to neighbors in another land, isn’t it? No amount of wishing, meditating, praying or declaring oneself a citizen of the world will change these facts.

The unraveling of this great country fuels my anguish. I am passionate on these matters, especially because I so love my grandchildren. I don’t have that long to live, so I shout on their behalf.

I have another area of anguish. I apologize to my extended family because my stridency offends. I do love them, but the country that my grandbabies are to inherit is too important for me to stand-down. I hope my relatives eventually understand that their grandbabies are at risk as well.

I am afraid that I will eventually begin to hate those who facilitate the peril to my grandbabies. I hope not because there is little that I can do concerning the intellectual laziness of the voting sound bite idiots.

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