Monday, November 3, 2008

Thoughts on the Eve…

On the eve of perhaps the most important U.S. Presidential election of our time, here are some bits and pieces that come to mind.

If the other side’s guys win, I won’t hate them.

If my side’s guy and gal win, the other side will hate them.

I saw a car today with an Obama sticker on it. It didn’t think much of it until I saw the driver, a female black. I realized that if I had seen her without the sticker it would still have been a good bet that she’d vote for Obama. If I’d seen Condi Rice, and not recognized her, I’d have lost my bet.

I saw a car festooned with American flags and stickers. Incongruently, there was an Obama sticker on the car as well. Why incongruent? Go to any heavily liberal city, San Francisco or Santa Cruz for instance, and see how many American flags you see. The other side’s champion, Barack Obama, refused to wear an American flag pin until the political heat got to him.

I think that Obama is basically an honest guy forced to conceal his true nature to get elected.

The mainstream media sold its soul to the devil of leftism.

Tomorrow night I will be either relieved and happy or sad.

Tomorrow night the other side will be either ecstatic or seething mad and flinging accusations of racism and theft of the election.

When the sun rises on Wednesday morning, it will rise to the reaffirmation of traditional American values or to the steady footfalls of socialist storm-troopers and the growing vulnerability to fascist forces intent upon the destruction of the greatest country the world has ever known.

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