Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama is Milk Toast on the Somali Pirates

“Don’t tread on me” is definitely not the motto of Pres. Barack Obama. It is beginning to look like Obama’s is more comfortable as a “milk toast.”

The Somali pirates didn't suddenly appear over the last few years, they evolved over more than a decade of trial and error. A major assist with this is that the international anti-piracy patrol off Somalia is obsessed with avoiding violence, or punishment. The warships rarely fire on pirates, even when they catch the pirates in the act. When pirates are captured, they are usually released. When four armed pirates, and an American ship captain, were cornered recently, the president of the United States would not allow force to be used, until after first letting negotiations proceed for three days. Finally, on the fourth day, a local commander put his career on the line, and ordered the SEAL snipers to kill the recalcitrant pirates, and end the standoff. But that was the exception. 1

The President risked the life of Captain Phillips for three days? According to the quote above, it appears that the Naval Commander acted without the President’s concurrence.

I give the President the benefit of the doubt. In the future, perhaps the President can just be honest and say, “Baaa, Baaa.” The possibility that the President is far worse is too horrifying to contemplate.

“Uu-ah!” to the Naval Commander.

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1. The Silent Somali Piracy Pact

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