Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hells Angels Clubhouse Hides Hazardous Chemicals

In the comments section to previous outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) blogs, OMG apologists argue that motorcycle gangs are not really bad. They describe the members as a brotherhood of patriotic guys who have been demonized by law enforcement. They want to be called clubs and given the respect due law abiding organizations.

Here’s an interesting turn of events. I wonder what the apologists will say about this find at the Ventura Hells Angels clubhouse?

Detectives conducting a search of a Hells Angels clubhouse Friday uncovered a large quantity of hazardous chemicals in a pit under a false floor, authorities said.1
Authorities found potentially dangerous electrical wiring and a large
pit containing petroleum distillates during the search.1

I don’t have any inside information yet, so I can’t say for sure what is the likely purpose of the hidden chemicals. It was probably not motorcycle oil. Could it have been the precursors for the production of methamphetamine or other illicit drugs?

Poor George Christie, the long time president of the Ventura chapter of the Hells Angels, is having a hard time.

Christie is expected to be charged with felony methamphetamine and cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of those substances, Malan said. The charges stem from small amounts of the drugs found in an April 25 sheriff's search of Christie's Ventura home, according to authorities.1

Methamphetamine and cocaine possession by an OMG member? Well, that’s not definitive. Lots of “upstanding” people do that. But, what about the production and sales of drugs? Do you suppose that’s what the hidden pit is all about? Time will tell.

Here's the blog site with all the comments:
Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.2

Update 5/18/2008:

In an article dated 5/18/2008, George Christie says that the chemical pit under the clubhouse is left over from the tenancy of an ambulance company.

George Christie, 61, described the hole as a sump used by the ambulance company that was housed there 30 years ago before the Ventura building became the Hell Angels' headquarters. Workers dumped oil in the sump when they maintained and repaired their vehicles, according to Christie.3
Detectives are trying to make it seem as though the discovery is tied to some sort of criminal activity, he said.3

We don’t know what the detectives are trying to do. We only know what was reported in the newspaper. In the previous article, it was reported that petroleum distillates were found. Is it possible that a discarded oil sump was at the location and that the HA used it as well? If so, what did they dump? Why a “false floor.?”

Homicide? It seems that the latest search warrant is the result of a homicide investigation.

On Friday, authorities said detectives executing a search warrant in a homicide investigation discovered the pit at the building at 65 Fix Way.3

Now, why would a judge think that there is enough evidence in a homicide case to authorize a search warrant of a Hells Angels clubhouse? OMG apologists; let’s hear your theories.

The latest article goes on to quote Christie.

Meanwhile, Christie faces two counts of felony drug possession and one misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance, authorities said.3

Christie said on Saturday he takes only prescription medication prescribed to him after a bad motorcycle accident, which resulted in a hip replacement and a brain injury. Declaring the charges are without merit, Christie said, "All medications are prescribed in proper doses, and I don't share them with anybody."3
Sure, I believe you George.

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wakeuppeople said...

Here we go again. It is in the paper and the police say it so it must be true. This will all disappear and you will not hear what the outcome (just like what the outcome of all the arrest made in the " 22 Vagos arrested" case, a lot of money wasted very few convictions) is because then the LE would have to admit they were wrong and people would start to see that the headlines look bad but not as bad as the money and time wasted.

Paul said...


As far as I know, LE did not allege anything other than petroleum distillates were found. Anything else is conjecture. As it turns out, the search warrant was for a homicide investigation.


wakeuppeople said...

I realize it was for a homicide warrant that they went in, obviously not finding any evidence on the homicide ( no mention of anything unless I missed it.?) they had to run something to make the Angels look bad( not that some are not )and the LE look like they accomplished something from the money spent.