Monday, May 26, 2008

To My Kin, Memorial Day 2008

“To my daughters, nephews, grandsons and granddaughter: Tomorrow is Memorial Day. In my home hangs the display of these medals won by your grandfather or great-grandfather respectively. I wonder if you have any concept of what it means to have won them. Dad was doing what so many others did in World War II to defeat fascism in the form of Nazi Germany and Japan; He served in the military and did his part.” You remember this from my blog in 2006, right? For your convenience, here is a link to the blog: To My Kin, Memorial Day 2006

This year Uncle Bob passed on. Did you see what I wrote for him? Here’s the address: I Watched A Good Man Die.

Uncle Bob was a sailor in World War II and principally bobbed around the Pacific Theater in tin cans, destroyers, fighting the Japanese.

Bob and Dad’s generation is known as the “Greatest Generation” for what they strove to do in the Second Great War. Here’s what I wrote two years ago.

Dad’s generation thought that by defeating Nazi and Japanese fascism that they were making the world safe. And, they did for a short while until Communism rose up and took center stage by enslaving and murdering millions of people. It is ironic that Dad’s generation, which fought so gallantly in World War II and Korea, lost it’s backbone with Vietnam when the feckless portion of my generation rose up in protest and disgraced itself with its shameful treatment of those who served in Vietnam.1

Now the world is again threatened by a new brand of fascism; this time it is called Islamo-fascism. I pray that my generation will ultimately come to its senses and understand how utterly wrong we were during the Vietnam era and recognize the Islamic-fascist writing on the wall. So far, the majority of the American citizens appear to understand the greater truth, which is denied by the left.1

The left deceived us in Vietnam, and it is trying to do so again. It is up to you, my daughters and nephews, to correct the wrong done by your father’s generation in that you don’t allow it to happen again. If you don’t, my grandchildren and your children will pay the price.1

Dear Succeeding Generation of Kin, did you take the time to reflect on the sacrifices of your ancestors today? I hope so because the mantle of responsibility is falling upon you and there are big shoes to fill. I hope that you are ready because my generation did not succeed in making the world safe for anyone. A goodly portion of my generation smoked dope, fornicated with abandon, demonstrated and played the fool for Communist agitators and sympathizers while others in my generation slogged through the swamps of South East Asia. When the Vietnam Veterans returned, they were spat upon.

Should you think the disgrace is past us, think again. The colleges are full of socialists and leftists teachers of my generation hard at work brainwashing their students. The government is full of socialists yearning to redistribute your income to those who don’t choose to earn their own way in the world. Those who were the shills of Communism in the 1960’s are still at work setting you up for a fall before radical Islam and eventually war with China.

I beg of you to do better than we did, if for no other reason than for your children. Look back to your ancestors in the “Greatest Generation” and learn the lessons that much of my generation refused to acknowledge. The world will be awash with blood for a long time, and I pray that you have the foresight and courage to stand up to the evil oozing over the horizon in your direction. If your generation chooses cowardice or inaction, you will join much of my generation as failures in the stewardship of freedom.

The challenge is yours. Don’t fail yourselves or your children!

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