Sunday, January 4, 2009

Forget Guns, Ban the Carrying of Knives

The mantra among the vocal American anti-gun crowd continues year in and year out to ban the possession of guns. If we could only accomplish this lofty goal, all would be peaceful. Sure you’re right. Britain banned guns long ago, and look what happened to their violence.
The 19-year-old was out late with a friend when a group of young men attacked them, possibly after some kind of dispute. There was a lethal glint of metal, and minutes later Bakurally lay bleeding on the sidewalk, stabbed to the heart. 1

His death added to a grim roll call of fatal knife attacks in Britain in 2008, possibly the worst such year on record. In a country where guns are strictly controlled and shootings are much rarer than in the United States, the surge in stabbings has propelled the issue of knife crime to the top of the public safety agenda. 1

Gee, what do they want to do now, make knives illegal?
Britain's Labor Party government is now talking of a zero-tolerance policy for anyone caught carrying a knife… 1

The government agrees. It is calling for punishment for anyone caught with a knife. 1
"We're going to protect our young people, and we're going to stop the knife crime that has caused so much damage, so much grief and so much anguish to so many families in this country." 1

Maybe the British people should start carrying firearms to protect themselves from knife wielding fiends.

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1. Britain moves to curb rise in knife violence

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