Friday, January 30, 2009

No Tolerance for Islamists

Here in the land of the free where religious tolerance is taken for granted, we have difficulty comprehending the cancer of Islamist practitioners. No, I don’t mean your moderate Muslim neighbor. He and his family are probably good people, but they are irrelevant to the survival of the world beset by the insanity of Islamists.

It is time for America to awaken to the reality of the threat. Go to “What Islam is Not” and view this video. Unless we recognize the threat and make substantive changes in our attitude, in time America will suffer the same fate occurring elsewhere. And, that attitudinal change does not mean electing members of the Democratic Party to national office.

Stopping a repeat of 9/11/01 or lesser level incidents did not just happen by itself. It took a determined Presidential leadership to make the decisions to put our best Americans in harm’s way on foreign soils and to begin the transformation of our domestic law enforcement.

The past Presidential election proves that Americans are asleep and/or have their collective heads inserted where the sun does not shine. We just elected a national leadership reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter Presidency. And, he gave the world the first Islamofascist theocracy since the fall of the one thousand year Caliphate and unleashed the cataclysmic Islamist cancer.

Unless there are major American attitudinal changes, the children and grandchildren of today’s voters will pay a price unimaginable to most Americans. You better wake up Americans! There is a world beyond Oprah, The View and sports, and it intends to convert you and your progeny to Islam or cut your throats. What do you think of blanket religious tolerance now?

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What Islam is Not


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