Tuesday, February 24, 2009

633 Marbles, Happy Birthday Honey

My good friend, Chuck, sent me an e-mail containing a piece entitled, “3900 Saturdays.” That’s the number of Saturdays in your life if you live to an average of 75 years old. You can follow the link herein and read the whole piece, but the lesson is about a man who discovers that he only has 1000 Saturdays left before he reaches age 75. To dramatize the slipping away of life, the man purchases 1000 marbles and places them in a large clear plastic container. Each Saturday, he takes out one marble and throws it away. That simple act dramatizes how precious each day is and reminds us to invest in our loved ones and the things that are truly important in our lives.

Today is my granddaughter’s sixth birthday. We gave her a doll house. To help celebrate, I am getting myself a gift. I am going to buy 633 marbles and a clear plastic container. And when my container is empty of marbles, it will be full of treasured moments with those that I love. Every Saturday thereafter I’m going to start adding marbles back to the container.

Link in this Blog:
3900 Saturdays

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