Monday, February 2, 2009

Sucking the Vibrancy Out of America

“Change” and “Yes we can,” mantra of a Presidential hopeful. Here’s something that the new President Obama can address:

DAVOS, Switzerland: This was supposed to be the year the United States came in from the cold at the annual gathering of world leaders here. But instead of receiving a warm embrace, American policies were rebuked again and again in rhetoric that recalled the anger of the Bush years - except the ire this time was mostly directed at Washington's economic failings, rather than its diplomatic ones. 1

There is a deep reservoir of good will for President Barack Obama personally and the change in direction he represents. But his administration is about to discover that the rest of the world does not seem to be in a hurry to forgive and forget - and that it sees a new threat in the form of U.S. protectionism. 1

A binge of new borrowing by Washington could effectively crowd out other borrowers by pushing interest rates higher over the long term, and would be especially painful for developing countries that rely on foreign capital. 1

Is the whole world stupid or what? It was the Democratic Party that set in motion the house of cards by mandating the changes to home mortgage rules allowing non-qualified persons to spend themselves and the nation into disaster. Now we have a Democratic Party President escalating the economic disaster as he continues the creation of a socialist society dependent upon government.

If that is not totally insane, this is.

"The irony of the situation," said Haas, of the Council on Foreign Relations, "is that everyone is still looking to the U.S. for leadership to fix things or at least make things better." 1

The U.S. is to make things better with a president who has socialism in his heart? The sound you hear is socialism sucking the vibrancy out of America.

The socialist world will love Obama because he will do all that they have been doing. So, are the Davos attendees stupid? No, they are playing international politics. And since all politics are local, they are playing to their home crowds. Now they have another opportunity to blame somebody other than themselves.

Need a translation of Obamaspeak? Read Terry Paulson to understand what Obama really has in mind. 2

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