Friday, January 8, 2010

Colonel Robert L. Howard-Hero

American history is chock full of heroes. We used to know them. It is their spirit and blood that pays the price to secure freedom. Securing the freedoms that we enjoy is not pretty. But, today’s children know them not. These are the grandchildren of the Vietnam War generation. Why don’t they know? Simple; their parents know them not, as well.

Not long ago, I attended an elementary school tribute to the third grade student’s heroes. A Vietnam Vet in the crowd broke down in tears when he revealed that this was the first time that anyone ever thanked him for his military service.

I wish that today’s parents made American heroes a general topic of discussion at the dinner table. Here’s a good hero to begin the discussion, Col. Robert L. Howard, Congressional Medal of Honor.

View the video below; go to the Internet tribute site link; and see more information at the Wikipedia site.

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