Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown’s Senatorial Victory in Massachusetts

Today is the first time that I’ve felt real optimism since the American public elected the most leftist U.S. president in history one year ago. The fact that the deep blue state of Massachusetts, blue at least nationally, handily rejected the Democratic party candidate and choose a Republican party member to hold the senate seat most recently dominated by Ted Kennedy speaks volumes about the American people.

The Massachusetts people did not just reject Martha Coakley, they rejected Pres. Obama and his leftists buddies Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and a host of other political cronies, who represent philosophies antithetical to the American dream.

Lock and load is still the order of the day, but there is once again a ray of sunshine shining through the darkness of leftist agenda.

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Michael Morrison said...

Though I agree that Brown's election is a ray of sunshine, however briefly it might shine, I see signs the (spit, spit) Republicans are going to cave eventually.
Their mantra is "of course we too are for medical care reform, but we don't want so much government intervention."
In other words, they accept the basic premise of government intervention, but just oppose "too much."
It's the old story: Republicans will ultimately bring us socialism (or national socialism) but they will do it more efficiently and less expensively.
Americans will not regain their freedom, OUR freedom, until people quit accepting the nonsense that this is a "two-party system," and start picking better choices from either new parties or the ranks of truly independent candidates.