Friday, January 22, 2010

Deny Parole to the Onion Field Killer Gregory Powell

In 1963, Gregory Ulas Powell and Jimmy Lee Smith kidnapped LAPD officers Ian James Campbell and Karl Hettinger. Officer Campbell was murdered in an onion field outside Bakersfield. The infamous crime was documented in former LAPD sergeant Joseph Wambaugh’s classic non-fiction book, “The Onion Field.”

Smith died in jail, but Powell is scheduled for a parole suitability hearing in Los Angeles on Wed., 1/27/10.

The California Board of Parole Commissioners includes:

Arthur Anderson
Troy Arbaugh
Lea Ann Chrones
Robert Doyle-Chairman
Jack Garner
Hollis Gillingham
Peter Labahn
John Peck
Michael Prizmich
Thomas Powers
Mary Ann Tardiff

This morning I sent an e-mail to Chairman Robert Doyle urging the Board of Parole Hearings to deny suitability for parole to Powell, CDC A57622. The e-mail address was confirmed when I received back an e-mail thanking me for my input. Mr. Doyle’s e-mail address is:

I suspect that the e-mail addresses for the rest of the Commissioners has the same formula as did the e-mail address for Doyle: first name, period, last name

Send an e-mail to Doyle and any of the Commissioners supporting the denial of parole for this cop killer.

Link in this Blog:

Board of Parole Hearings

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BOB said...

I am familiar with the Onion Field Killings and both Smith & Powell. I was fortunate to have been involved with Wambaugh's movie re-creation of that event. (I had a two second bit part as a bailif guarding the defendants during the trial. I will send my email to the parole board. Bob